Chief Keef

who starts fucking chainsawing at ten in the morning i can’t i’m writing in lowercase but in my head i’m screaming just stop please i can’t handle any more 

signing the lease for my studio this morning


all i  need is coffee, weed, and touché amore 

fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i fucked up fuck.

im getting a forty tonight yes thats what im gonna do and then go to the bars in my fancy shoes and pretend like everythings normal.  cool

i really should get some work done,


the only thing I eat these days is coffee
and it’s so sad for so many reasons which I won’t plague you with.
but, I do love coffee, anyway.

sylvia plath had depression

you don’t say

the old lady who lives next door is yelling again

how do i wake up sad

i haven’t even given the world time to shit on me yet

of course i never realized it then

that i was going to miss who i was

who i wasn’t

i was too busy thinking about everything that was wrong

is this what i was in for that whole time

when i was reading sad books and listening to sad music

and not being sad

was i being realistic

i kind of think i did this to myself

no wonder i’m so bitter

really though someone has been hammering some shit all damn day bang bang bang and im about to slit their throat can you just stop ok

chocolate milk is so good

i don’t understand this scorcery